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Session Enseignement

Accompagner les enseignants sur des projets de diffusion de la culture scientifique
Thierry Botti
(Observatoire Astronomique Marseille Provence)
De la participation à la formation continue des enseignants à une conférence dans un établissement, les possibilités d'accompagnement des enseignants par les centres de recherche sont très variées. Nous vous présenterons les grands types d'actions dans lesquelles les équipes de l'Observatoire Astronomique de Marseille Provence s'impliquent. Nous ferons ainsi ressortir le contexte général dans lequel ces actions peuvent être mises en oeuvre et nous présenterons les principaux acteurs avec lesquels nous travaillons.

L'Opéra de l'Univers
X.Delfosse, J.Lilensten, C.Ferrari, C.Bouvard, N.Cauchies, H.C.Nataf,C.Perrier, A.Senet
(LAOG/Observatoire de Grenoble)
For many years OSUG (Observatoire des Sciences de l'Univers de Grenoble) has pursued an outreach mission in the Grenoble's region (and beyond) on a wide scope of Universes Sciences : climate, glaciology,geology, hydrology, geophysics, planetology, astrophysics... As the expectation of the local public became more important, OSUG wished to be associate with a science museum to fulfill this task as best as possible. Moreover, France has a good network of planetaria. Unfortunately, one of its main scientific region (i.e. Grenoble and the surrounding Alps) has no such facility. In this paper, after a short summary of the OSUG's outreach action, we present a new initiative called ``L'Opera de l'Univers'' which will include a planetarium and a museum.

This project will be developed as a close cooperation between the city of Pont de Claix (Grenoble's southern suburbs) which is leading the project and academic structures (OSUG representing J.Fourier University and CNRS/INSU). This link is essential for us to present a modern science to the citizens, to show the results which are emerging from the laboratories. ``L'opera de l'Univers'' will be part of a bigger project dedicated to Arts and Sciences. It will allow encounters between artists and scientists, and offer a place to them to meet with the public. A coherent project is emerging where sciences and arts are not as separate slices of an onions, but are truly working altogether.

Presentation du m2r d'Astrophysique et Milieux Dilues de Grenoble
J. Ferreira
(Laboratoire d'Astrophysique de Grenoble)

Learning Mathematics with Astronomy
Vienne etal
(IMCCE / Université de Lille)
Within the framework of the e-training offered by Paris observatory, we propose a new training for french-speaking students. The idea is to use Astronomy as a source of examples to learn Mathematics. Thus lecturers/professors can find attractive mathematics exercises. This resource is still under construction. However a preliminary version is available on the web. This project was carried out with the assistance of UNISCIEL (UNIversité des SCiences En Ligne) and CNL (Contenus Numériques en Ligne) from Lille University.

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Samuel Boissier 2010-06-16