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Poster contributions

K.-L. Klein, N. Fuller, the NMDB Team
(Observatoire de Paris)
The Real time database for high-resolution neutron monitor measurements(NMDB), which was supported by the 7th Framework Programme of the European Commission, hosts data on cosmic rays in the GeV range from European and some non-European neutron monitor stations. Besides real-time data and historical data over several decades in a unified format, it offers data products such as galactic cosmic ray spectra and applications including solar energetic particle alerts and the calculation of ionisation rates in the atmosphere and effective radiation dose rates at aircraft altitudes. Furthermore the web site comprises public outreach pages in several languages and offers training material on cosmic rays for university students and researchers and engineers who want to become familiar with cosmic rays and neutron monitor measurements. This contribution presents an overview of the provided services and indications on how to access the database. Operators of other neutron monitor stations are welcome to submit their data to NMDB.

Samuel Boissier 2010-06-16